Question: What is an economic religious and political difference between New England and Chesapeake Virginia colonies?

What are the differences between the Chesapeake and New England colonies?

The New England colonies had a more diverse economy which included shipping, lumber, and export of food crops. On the other hand, the Chesapeake colonies economy focused almost exclusively on the production and export of tobacco and a few other cash crops.

What was the religion of the Chesapeake colonies?

In 1649, under Baltimore’s urging, the colonial assembly passed the Act of Religious Toleration, the first law in the colonies granting freedom of worship, albeit only for Christians. By 1654, however, with Maryland’s Protestants in the majority, the act was repealed.

What was the difference between the Chesapeake and middle colonies economy?

The middle colonies were more urban and had more port cities, while the Chesapeake was more rural and had fewer and smaller urban centers. … Shipbuilding and lumbering were more prevalent industries in the middle colonies than they were in the Chesapeake region, which focused on cash crop agriculture.

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What were the major differences between the New England Middle Chesapeake and southern colonies?

Another difference is clearly noted in the human resources. New England had skilled craftsmen in the industry of shipbuilding. The Mid-Atlantic presented a diverse workforce of farmers, fisherman, and merchants. The Southern Colonies were primarily agricultural with few cities and limited schools.

What was the main difference between the Chesapeake and New England colonies quizlet?

Farmers in the Chesapeake region used slaves on their large tobacco plantations while New England slaves were more likely to work within the house. However, both regions treated enslaved and free black people horribly and institutionally denied their equality.

What was the political structure of the Chesapeake colonies?

The House of Burgesses, as with most colonial assemblies, was elected by free, white, landowning men. Both the southern colonies and those in the Chesapeake had a similar government: a governor and a council appointed by the crown, and an assembly or house of representatives that was elected by the people.

What is the difference between the Chesapeake colonies and the Southern colonies?

The British colonies in the American south were divided into two regions: the Chesapeake colonies, which included Maryland and Virginia, and the Southern colonies, which included Georgia and the Carolinas. … He sought the colony as a refuge for English Catholics who were subjected to discrimination in England.

What was one economic difference between the New England and Middle Colonies?

the major difference between new england and middle colonies was the quality of land. the middle colonies had rich farmland and a moderate climate, which made farming easier than it was in New England. Many people made their livings raising live stock or growing grain.

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Why did the difference in development occur between New England and Chesapeake?

B-1: The response provides a difference, that colonists in New England were “escaping persecution from the Church of England,” while colonists in the Chesapeake wanted “land opportunities.” C-1: The factor that accounts for the difference was the way New England colonists “were treated in England before their move.