Question: How Safe Is Wild camping in Scotland?

Is wild camping OK in Scotland?

The short answer is yes: wild camping is legal in Scotland.

It is the only country in the UK where there remains a general rule in favour of wild camping. England, Wales and Northern Ireland all have laws to restrict camping – unless you seek the landowner’s permission first.

Is it safe to camp in Scotland?

Top tip. Wild camping is legal in Scotland but there are guidelines that all campers should follow. It really is quite a simple formula: respecting the countryside + being safe = happy wild camping!

How safe is wild camping?

Is it safe? Take the usual precautions – tell someone where you’re going and what time you plan to be back – but otherwise, yes, wild camping is perfectly safe, especially when compared with nights wandering around a busy city.

Where do wild campers poop?

Make sure you choose your wild camping toilet site at the very least 50 metres away from any nearby water source, for the benefit of all local wildlife (human and animal) and dig a hole in the ground that is roughly 15-20cm. Enough to cover it properly. Don’t poop here!

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Can I pitch my tent anywhere in Scotland?

Thanks to the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 it is perfectly legal to wild camp in Scotland. Apart from a few exceptions (read on to find out more), you can pitch your tent pretty much anywhere you like as long as the land is unenclosed.

Can you live in the wild in Scotland?

On a remote peninsula in the north-west Highlands of Scotland is the small off-grid community of Scoraig. Accessible only by boat or a five-mile walk, the residents of Scoraig live in relative isolation, partly powering their homes and school with wind power.

How do you poo when camping in the wild?

In brief though, don’t defecate within 30 metres of any running water – when camping take water from above your site and walk downstream to defecate – and dispose of your excrement by burying. Use a small trowel to dig a six-inch hole and bury it. It’ll decompose faster if you do this.

How do you keep wild animals away from camping?

To avoid attracting animals, store all your food in a locking cooler and wrap it with rope for extra protection. Hang the cooler outside at an elevation of at least seven feet. Another option is to place the cooler in the trunk of your car if it’s not too far away. And never keep food inside your tent!

How do you feel safe wild camping?

Use a bivvy bag when wild camping, rather than a tent, as you’re less conspicuous with a bivvy. Find a spot that’s out of sight, away from fences, footpaths, roads and other thoroughfares. If you’re very worried about being seen, arrive late and leave early – you will likely not see a soul.

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