Question: How much of Ireland does coillte own?

Who owns Coillte Ireland?


Type Statutory Corporation
Headquarters Newtownmountkennedy , Ireland
Owner Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Minister for Finance (on behalf of the Irish state)
Number of employees 862 (2016)
Divisions 3 (‘Forestry’, ‘Land Solutions’,’Medite Smartply’)

How many people work for Coillte?

Working at Coillte

We currently have 900 employees based in over 25 locations across Ireland with additional sales offices in the UK and the Netherlands.

Are coillte state owned?

Coillte is Irish state-owned forest company, established in 1988 – Manages 445,000ha of land.

Who is the CEO of Coillte?

What percentage of Ireland is covered by private forestry?

The area of forest is estimated to be 731,650 ha or 10.5% of the total land area of Ireland (NFI 2012). Forest cover is estimated to be at its highest level in over 350 years. Over one quarter of the forest estate contains broadleaves. Farmers accounted for 83% of private lands afforested between 1980 and 2016.

Who deforested Ireland?

During her rule, Elizabeth I expressly orders the destruction of all woods in Ireland to deprive the Irish insurgents of shelter. The fact that England is to benefit from this isn’t a mere afterthought. 1569 Desmond rising begins, and is later crushed in 1573.

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