Question: How did King Alfred contribute to the creation of a national identity in England?

What was the significance of Alfred the Great for the development of English identity?

Alfred made good laws and believed education was important. He had books translated from Latin into English, so people could read them. He also told monks to begin writing the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. To help protect his kingdom from Viking attacks, Alfred built forts and walled towns known as ‘burhs’.

What publication did King Alfred Institute and why was that important?

Scop- A singing, traveling bard (poet) who memorized and told legends; Considered very important in society. What publication did King Alfred institute and why was that important? The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle; this is what made English a respected language and culture.

What strategies did Alfred use in battle?

The failure of the Danes to penetrate the kingdom was largely due to Alfred’s excellent defensive strategy, which involved a network of burghs (forts) that stretched throughout his kingdom. The burghs were sites that he built up and fortified during the war, ensuring that they were continually manned.

How did Alfred’s childhood prepare him to become king?

As a young boy, Alfred never desired to become king since he had four elder brothers. Educated by his mother, he developed an interest in learning Latin and English poetry. In 868, Alfred received formal military arts training during his first active service against the Danes in East Anglia.

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