Question: Can I travel to Dubai with UK residence permit?

Can I travel to Dubai with residence visa?

UAE Residence Visa holders must have GDRFA or ICA approval to enter the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Can I visit Dubai with UK travel document?

Holders of full British passports (travel documents are not accepted) will be granted a free of charge visitor/tourist visa upon arrival in the UAE. No application in advance of travel is needed. Your passport will be stamped with the visa as you pass through Immigration at any of the International airports in the UAE.

Where can I travel with Dubai residence permit?

5 Visa-Free Destinations for UAE Residents

  • Azerbaijan. Due to recent changes in the country’s visa regulations, Azerbaijan is now a visa-free destination for UAE residents. …
  • Georgia. Known for being one of the safest countries in Europe, Georgia is definitely a must-see for UAE residents. …
  • Maldives. …
  • Sri Lanka. …
  • Mauritius.

How can I get entry permit for Dubai?

You can apply for entry permits or visas through the website of Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA), the eChannel for residency and citizenship.

Apply online for UAE visa

  1. GDRFA Duba‪i‬ on Google Play and App Store.
  2. ICA eChannels on Google Play and App Store.
  3. Dubai Now on Google Play and App Store.
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Which countries can I visit with UK residence permit?

There are about 34 countries and territories you can visit with a UK visa. UK does not issue long-term visas like the US or Canada.


  • Albania. Eligible nationalities: All nationalities. …
  • Georgia. …
  • Gibraltar (British Territory) …
  • Ireland. …
  • Montenegro. …
  • North Macedonia. …
  • Serbia. …
  • Turkey.

How long can UK resident stay in Dubai?

UK passport holders get a 30-day entry to Dubai once you arrive at the airport. Just make sure your passport is valid for 6 months. This can be quite beneficial if you want to visit the city before you relocate there. If you’re looking for a longer stay, you can pay a fee to extend your stay twice, for 30 days each.

Can I enter Dubai with travel document?

ID cards, Emergency and Temporary passports or Travel Document are not accepted as an alternative to the ordinary passport. Overstaying the visa will result in fines. Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nationals do not require a visa to enter the UAE.

Can entry permit holders enter UAE?

Airline sources have confirmed that holders of all types of visa and/or entry permits granted by authorities in the UAE can fly to Dubai. The approved visa categories are: Employment, short or extended stay, visit, and newly issued residence visa.

Can I enter UAE with Emirates ID?

It is a legal requirement for all UAE citizens and residents to apply for one and carry it with them at all times. The Emirates ID is used: … as a travel document for UAE citizens to travel within the GCC. as a document to pass immigration through the eGates and smart gates at several airports in the UAE.

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Do UAE residents have to quarantine?

If you are an expatriate resident of the UAE or a tourist to the UAE, you must present a negative result of a PCR test at the departure airport. … If you are required to take another test on arrival, you must remain in quarantine at your residence until you receive the test result.