Question: Are there white sharks in the UK?

Are there sharks in UK beaches?

In the UK, there have been multiple sightings of both basking and porbeagle sharks in recent months, with members of the public spotting them closer to the shore than usual. Basking sharks have also been spotted off Eastbourne over the last few years – while a tope shark was spotted along the coast in West Sussex.

Are there sharks in Benidorm?

Last week, the sighting of a blue shark forced the evacuation of a beach in Benidorm, eastern Spain. Around two meters long and weighing in at about 60 kilos, the shark had become disoriented and ended up in an area full of bathers.

Are there great white sharks in Europe?

The sharks found in the Mediterranean

AS many as 46 types of shark can be found swimming in the balmy Mediterranean. The waters off the coasts of Spain, southern France, and Italy provide ideal hunting ground for the dozens of species that stalk the area.

Are there sharks in Scotland?

The basking shark grows up to 10m (33ft) long, and the Sea of the Hebrides on the west coast of Scotland provides conditions that attract large numbers of sharks each summer, when we can see them ‘basking’ at the surface, feeding with their huge mouths wide open.

Are there shark attacks in the UK?

While sharks have long been widely feared, the Shark Trust said there was no reason to worry in Britain at least as no species known to be dangerous to humans has ever been reported in UK waters.

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