Is there an area called Arsenal in London?

Is there an area called Arsenal?

In principle, Arsenal Football Club are not named after a specific area/place within London or the UK. However, the name originates from their beginnings as Woolwich Arsenal – a club founded by workers of the Royal Arsenal Munitions Factory – based in Woolwich.

Where is Arsenal in London?

Emirates Stadium

Location Highbury House, 75 Drayton Park, London, N5 1BU England
Coordinates 51°33′24″N 0°6′22″WCoordinates: 51°33′24″N 0°6′22″W
Public transit Arsenal Holloway Road Finsbury Park
Owner Kroenke Sports & Entertainment

Is Arsenal a location?

Why are they called Arsenal?

The club was founded in 1886 and took the name Royal Arsenal after its first game, combining the moniker of the Royal Oak pub, where the team members met, with that of their workplace, the Arsenal munitions factory in Woolwich.

Is arsenal in south London?

Arsenal: A north London heart with players still nourishing its south London soul. Arsenal’s reach is global, but the club’s roots have remained prevalent throughout its 135-year history. Much of the club’s success has been forged in north London.

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