Is there a UK version of Harry Potter?

Are there different versions of Harry Potter?

So it was a marketing decision to take out two different book covers, one for kids and one for adults. There is no difference in the text or story of these two versions. They are identical. Another thing which is different in the kids’ version and the adult version is the font size.

Is Harry Potter UK or USA?

Harry Potter

Philosopher’s Stone (1997) Chamber of Secrets (1998) Prisoner of Azkaban (1999) Goblet of Fire (2000) Order of the Phoenix (2003) Half-Blood Prince (2005) Deathly Hallows (2007)
Author J. K. Rowling
Cover artist Mary GrandPré
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Is Sorcerer’s Stone the British version?

In the UK, Harry Potter’s first story is called The Philosopher’s Stone but stateside it’s Sorcerer’s Stone. What are the differences between the two? Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published on June 26, 1997, by Bloomsbury in the United Kingdom.

Does Netflix have Harry Potter?

Yes! You can watch Harry Potter on Netflix but only in selected countries.

Are there 2 versions of the Harry Potter movies?

No, there is no extended or director’s cut version available for those movies. No official word was given as to why. Speculation suggests they don’t want to say there will not be any, as they can always release them in the future for extra money.

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What means UK edition?

If you purchased a DVD that was region 1 (for the USA) but on the case it says that it is the UK edition that simply means that the episodes will be slightly longer than the episodes that aired in the USA.