Is the Forest of Dean in Wales or England?

Are there bears in the Forest of Dean?

This comes a century after after two circus bears in the Forest of Dean were famously killed and the public still argue about it today. A vicious rumour spread that the bears had mauled a child to death and attacked a woman in 1889.

Where does the Forest of Dean start?

The Forest of Dean is a geographical, historical and cultural region in the western part of the county of Gloucestershire, England. The forest is a roughly triangular plateau bounded by the River Wye to the west and north, the River Severn to the south, and the City of Gloucester to the east.

What county is Gloucestershire?

listen) abbreviated Glos) is a county in South West England. The county comprises part of the Cotswold Hills, part of the flat fertile valley of the River Severn, and the entire Forest of Dean.

Executive Conservative
Admin HQ Gloucester
Area 2,653 km2 (1,024 sq mi)
• Ranked 13th of 26
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