Is the bleach London reincarnation mask good?

What does bleach London reincarnation mask do?

Repairs and hydrates dry, damaged, bleached or coloured hair while improving elasticity.

Can I leave bleach reincarnation mask on overnight?

Yes, you can use this every time you wash your hair in place of conditioner. But make sure you rinse thoroughly to avoid your hair feeling weighed down. We do not advise keeping this mask on overnight.

Do you apply reincarnation mask to wet hair?

One thing that’s important to note about this mask is that it’s to be used pre-shampoo. So you need to wet your hair and then apply, leave on for 10-20mins and then rinse and shampoo etc as usual.

How do you use Garnier hair mask ultimate blend?

Take your pick from the Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food range, based on your individual hair needs, and scoop out a small dollop of product. Massage it into wet hair with your fingertips in a circular motion, working the product in from root to tip.

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