Is porridge English or Scottish?

Is porridge a British word?

Porridge is the British term; American English uses oatmeal, which in British English refers only to the crushed grains.

What do Scots call porridge?

Brose is a Scots word for an uncooked form of porridge: oatmeal (and/or other meals) is mixed with boiling water (or stock) and allowed to stand for a short time. It is eaten with salt and butter, milk or buttermilk.

Did porridge originate in Scotland?

Porridge, or Oatmeal, is a dish that has existed in Scotland for over thousands of years. … Porridge Oats have been grown in Scotland since the medieval years, and this easy dish has become one of the most popular breakfast dishes, especially during the winter months.

Do Scottish people put salt on porridge?

Originally only made with water and salt, the paste, or porridge as it became known, bore little likeness to the thick, creamy mixture we know today. The traditional Scottish dish can have many tastes and textures. Some like it thick and sweet, some with salt.

What is porridge slang for?

slang To serve a prison sentence. Because porridge is inexpensive, it was commonly served in prisons. … After doing porridge for the past five years, Mark is getting released from jail today.

Do the French eat porridge?

Oatmeal is not part of a traditional French breakfast.

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Why is Scottish food so bad?

The Scottish diet remains too high in calories, fats, sugar and salt, and too low in fibre, fruit and veg, and other healthy foods like oil-rich fish. Our poor diet is deep-rooted and hasn’t changed significantly in the last seventeen years.