Is Poland colder than England?

Is it always cold in Poland?

The climate in Poland is continental, with very cold winters, often below freezing (0 °C or 32 °F), and warm summers. … Lublin Winter, from December to February, is cold throughout the country.

How cold does it get in Poland?

cold, grey and wet. The one thing you be sure of is: Polish winters are quite unpredictable. The coldest months are January and February with temperatures around -3.0 °C (on average), but the weather might change from mild days with over 5 °C and and days where temperatures may drop to −20 °C (−4 °F).

Is Poland a hot or cold country?

Poland’s climate is temperate with warm (sometimes very hot) summers, crisp, sunny autumns and cold winters.

Which is the coldest European country?

While this can help us to understand why Norway is the coldest country in Europe, it also means that the country absorbs less solar energy. During winter, in the north of the arctic circle, the sun does not come up, which means this region, including Norway, gets little or no sunlight or warmth.

What is the coldest city in Poland?

The coldest spot is the north-eastern corner around Suwałki. With its morainal hills, postglacial lakes and low temperatures, this region bears much similarity to the distant Scandinavia. Harsh and long winters, lasting over four months, earned it the name of Poland’s cold pole.

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Where is the warmest place in Poland?

The warmest areas in Poland are the Silesian Lowland and Sandomierska Upland, while the coldest spot is in the north-eastern edge of the country in Suwalki. The average annual temperature is about 6-8 degrees Celsius with the rainfall estimated at 700 mm.

Is Poland wet or dry?

The Weather and Climate in Poland

Climate in Poland is moderate; winters can be cold and wet. It has the combined elements of Continental and Maritime climate. This variety in Poland’s atmosphere is primarily due to the collision of the wet Atlantic air with the dry air coming from the Eurasian inner.

How cold is Poland in December?

The average temperature in December in Poland drops below zero: -0,16°C / 32°F. The average rainfall level in December in Poland is 38 mm (similar level to March and April).