Is Nick Crompton English?

Where is Nick Crompton now 2021?

Now 26, Nick serves as Vice President of Commercial Innovation & Artist Strategy, working globally across all Universal Music Group labels, artists, creators and brands. Focussing on driving audience growth, consumption and monetization.

Where is Nick Crompton from?

What school did Nick Crompton go to?

He attended Titus Salt School in Baildon between the ages of 11 and 18 and his mum teaches at Immanuel College in Idle, where Nick surprised students with a visit in December 2017.

What is Nick Crompton Instagram?

NICK CROMPTON (@crompton_king) • Instagram photos and videos.

What happened to chance Sutton?

Chance Sutton has announced he is leaving Team 10, just days after Chief Operations Officer Nick Crompton also said goodbye to the squad. … ‘With that being said, I have decided that it is my time to part ways with Team 10. I believe it is in the best interest for the future of my career that I start to focus on myself.

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