Is Natural England a regulator?

Is Natural England a statutory consultee?

Natural England is a statutory consultee in the planning system for development plans, Environmental Impact Assessments, Strategic Environmental Assessment, Habitats Regulations Assessments, Local Development Orders and for certain planning applications relating to Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and best …

What authority do Natural England have?

Its powers include defining ancient woodlands, awarding grants, designating Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Sites of Special Scientific Interest, managing certain national nature reserves, overseeing access to open country and other recreation rights, and enforcing the associated regulations.

What does Natural England regulate?

Natural England is responsible for enforcing laws that protect wildlife and the natural environment. Natural England aims to use enforcement: as a last resort but it is sometimes necessary to make sure that the natural environment is protected.

Is Natural England an arms length body?

Natural England was established on 1st October 2006 under the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006. It has a separate legal identity and is expected to operate at arms’ length from government, carrying out its statutory functions with technical expertise, impartiality and transparency.

When Should Natural England be consulted on planning applications?

Consult Natural England if you believe the proposed development is: in or likely to affect a SSSI. likely to have significant effects on a SAC , SPA or Ramsar wetland (or a potential SPA , a possible SAC or a proposed Ramsar wetland) likely to significantly affect the objectives of a MCZ.

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What is a bat mitigation Licence?

However, if bats are confirmed to be using the building as a roost, it is likely that a mitigation licence will be required before works can start. This licence enables works which will disturb bats, which would usually be illegal, to be done at certain times of year under specialist ecological supervision.

Is Natural England Civil Service?

When Natural England has vacancies they’re listed on Civil Service Jobs. If you cannot select Natural England in the Organisation search box we do not have any vacancies.

Are all bats protected in the UK?

All bat species, their breeding sites and resting places are fully protected by law – they’re European protected species. You may be able to get a licence from Natural England if you cannot avoid disturbing them or damaging their habitats, or if you want to survey or conserve them.