Is Kent UK safe?

Is Kent a nice place to live?

Where does your town rank in the country’s best places to live? Kent is a great place to live and there are so many reasons to want to move here. According to a recent study, in fact, two areas in Kent rank as some of the best places to live in the country – placing fifth and eleventh.

What is Kent like to live in?

Kent has it all – beautiful unspoilt countryside, nearly 350 kilometers of serene coastline, pretty villages, and bustling towns and cities. Its proximity to both London and the sea makes it a highly desirable place to which to relocate when escaping London.

How safe is Maidstone Kent?

Crime and Safety in Maidstone

Maidstone is the second safest major town in Kent, and is the 48th most dangerous overall out of Kent’s 335 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Maidstone in 2020 was 87 crimes per 1,000 people.

Is Kent UK expensive to live?

While Kent CC benefits from fairly good incomes and reasonable house prices for the region it is in, it suffers from low employment and a lot of overworking, as well as a very high cost of living, and this is why it has fallen into the lower half of Uswitch’s Best Places to Live in The UK Quality of Life Index results …

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Why do people move to Kent?

Why Choose Kent? Kent is a county that offers you scenic countryside and wonderful coastlines as well as easy trips back to London and equally easy a quick jaunt to France. Kent is full of history with numerous castles and Cathedrals but it combines it’s historical charms with buzzy towns and cities.

Is Kent like London?

As with the other Home Counties, one of Kent’s biggest appeals is how well-connected it is to London. With excellent transport links into the City, Kent offers many of the benefits of living in London, without a lot of the drawbacks – plus, of course, the additional benefits of living in the countryside.

Is Kent wealthy?

Surrey is the second wealthiest area in the UK after London, boasting 59,800 HNWIs, while Kent and Hertfordshire are in fourth and fifth place with 29,500 and 28,200 wealthy inhabitants each.

Is Maidstone a dodgy?

Like any large town, Maidstone has good and bad neighbourhoods — although there are no seriously dangerous locations. Neighborhoods that may be less salubrious include the Park Wood and Mangravet areas. Mixed-income neighbourhoods such as Ringlestone, Shepway or Tovil have some good aspects and are inexpensive.

Is Maidstone rich?

MAIDSTONE has been named as a top value-for-money town, for people looking to live the good life, without breaking the bank. The County Town has been ranked second in an “Affordable Affluence” survey, commissioned by the Royal Bank of Scotland.