Is it illegal to carry handcuffs in the UK?

Can I legally carry handcuffs?

6.10 Handcuffs are not prohibited items, and possession by a person other than a police officer is not illegal, however, the use of handcuffs on another constitutes an assault and is unlawful unless it can be justified.

Who can carry handcuffs UK?

They are also not allowed to carry batons, pepper spray, tasers or other weapons. While handcuffs can be used by any civilian in the UK, security guards should be trained in how to apply the cuffs correctly to avoid injury.

Are handcuff keys legal UK?

Of course it is legal, it can be used for many other purposes than escaping police handcuffs and as 95% of handcuffs worldwide use the same key/locking mechanism it would be very difficult to make such a thing illegal.

Who is allowed to use handcuffs?

Anybody who carries handcuffs must be aware that using them may be a crime unless they can demonstrate that their usage was fair and reasonable in the situation.

Can bouncers carry handcuffs?

Nightclub door staff are to be allowed to use handcuffs to restrain violent customers. Mr Brace said the cuffs would only be used in extreme cases such as violence or a breach of the peace, and only until the police arrived. …

Can police handcuff you without arresting UK?

The use of handcuffs by Police Officers is a use of force and their use must be documented and accounted for. … In most circumstances where handcuffs are used, the subject will be arrested, but there are some occasions, where legislation allows for force to be used if necessary, where a subject is not under arrest.

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When can police handcuff you UK?

If you try to escape or become violent, the police can use ‘reasonable force’, for example holding you down so you cannot run off. You can also be handcuffed. The police have powers to search you when you’re arrested.

Are handcuffs weapons?

Using Your Handcuffs as Weapons (From Law Enforcement Bible, Number 2, P 81-87, 1982, Robert A Scanlon, ed. See NCJ-95077) Police officers can use handcuffs as defensive weapons with both overhand methods. … Holding the cuffs sideways in the overhand grip is useful in fending off punches as well.