Is it easy to move to Malta from UK?

Can British citizens move to Malta?

Registering as a UK expat resident in Malta

British citizens do not require a Visa to visit Malta. However, if you are planning to extend your staying over three months, you must apply for a residency permit with the Department of Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs, BEFORE the UK leaves the EU.

Is it hard to move to Malta?

Malta is an excellent location for Americans looking to retire in Europe. Not only is the cost of living very affordable and cheaper than in the US, but the island is also small and easy to navigate, with a lively expat community, and free access to excellent health services.

How much money do I need to move to Malta?

Your dollars can go surprisingly far. Some retired expats say they live comfortably on as little as $2,600—or even less—per month. In Malta, you can find furnished two-bedroom apartments, just a 10-minute stroll from the sea, for as little as $550 per month.

Can you move to Malta without a job?

Prospective expat employees from another EU member state — with the exception of Croatian citizens — don’t need an employment license (i.e. work permit), either. As long as they have a confirmed job offer, they can move to Malta, and their spouse and kids can join them there.

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Can Brits move to Malta after Brexit?

Living in Malta after Brexit

British citizens are now treated like non-EU nationals, so they have to apply for a residency permit to live in Malta.

Is Malta cheaper than UK?

In general, renting in Malta will give you a lot more for your money. … While prices in London are far higher than in the rest of the United Kingdom on average rental prices in Malta are 5.04% cheaper than in the UK. Compared to the United States rental prices in Malta are 34% cheaper.

Is moving to Malta a good idea?

Malta generally offers a decent and comfortable standard of living and is one of the most affordable countries to reside in as compared to other European nations. … As Malta is an island country, sometimes, imported products/goods can be a bit on the higher side.

What are the cons of living in Malta?

The Cons of Living in Malta

  • Negatives of Malta: Go Back to Your Country! Malta is a hub of multiculturalism. …
  • Negatives of Malta: Construction. Everyone’s pet peeve and one of the biggest negatives of living in Malta. …
  • Negatives of Malta: Public Transport in Malta. …
  • Negatives of Malta: Landlord.

Can I live in Malta with a British passport?

UK citizens can enter and stay in the Schengen area for a maximum of 90 days in any rolling 180-days period. The Schengen exemption applies from 1 January 2021. However, individuals wishing to work and reside in Malta may need to obtain a single permit as matters stand today.

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How many British expats live in Malta?

There are currently an estimated 13,000 British nationals living in Malta, out of which 8,000 are pensioners.

Can UK citizens buy property in Malta?

The good news is that British expats can still buy property in Malta now that the UK has left the EU. The same rules will apply to Brits as for all non-EU residents, so you’ll need to get an AIP permit and will be limited to just one property, unless you focus your property search on a Special Designated Area.