Is Care New England a 501c3?

Is Care New England a non profit organization?

Care New England (CNE) is a nonprofit health care system dedicated to the well–being of individuals and families in our community.

How large is Care New England?

About Care New England

Care New England includes 970 licensed beds and 216 infant bassinets. Through Butler, Kent, and Women & Infants hospitals, Care New England has a teaching and research affiliation with The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University.

What hospitals are in Care New England?

Current members of Care New England include:

  • Butler Hospital.
  • Kent Hospital.
  • Memorial Hospital.
  • Women & Infants.
  • VNA of Care New England.
  • Care New England Wellness Center.
  • The Providence Center.

Is Coastal medical part of Care New England?

In February, Lifespan and Care New England also signed a deal to merge following months of negotiations. “Coastal has a national reputation for delivering high quality, patient-centered care that has made a powerful impact on the health of our community,” Lifespan President and CEO Dr. Timothy Babineau said.

Does Care New England drug test?

Butler Hospital/Care New England does not require drug testing. Accepted applicants are asked to sign a disclaimer on the bottom of the external application authorizing background check.

Is Brigham and Women’s part of Care New England?

Care New England has maintained a close working relationship with Partners HealthCare since 2009 through a clinical affiliation with Brigham and Women’s Hospital (one of the founding members of Partners) in cardiology, and vascular, thoracic and colorectal surgery.

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What is CNE employee?

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