How rich is New England?

Is New England the richest part of the US?

They were no longer in the bottom ten by 2010; Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire remain among the ten wealthiest states in the United States in terms of median household income and per capita income.

What is the richest city in New England?

Cities and Towns

Rank Municipality Per capita income
1 Weston $105,217
2 Dover $89,476
3 Sherborn $82,550
4 Brookline $77,585

Which is the richest state in America?

This Is the Richest State in the U.S., According to Data

  • New Hampshire. …
  • Washington. …
  • Connecticut. …
  • California. Median household income: $80,440. …
  • Hawaii. Median household income: $83,102. …
  • New Jersey. Median household income: $85,751. …
  • Massachusetts. Median household income: $85,843. …
  • Maryland. Median household income: $86,738.

Why is Massachusetts so rich?

Massachusetts is a rich state because it’s full of smart people. What the state lacks in oil reserves, coal mines, and other natural resources, it makes up for with high-performing schools and a well-educated workforce.

Is Massachusetts a poor state?

Massachusetts has more poor people than previously thought, according to an alternative measurement used by the federal government. The Census Bureau said Tuesday that 9.4 percent of the state’s residents were poor between 2018 and 2020. Its traditional, “official” measurement was 8.2 percent.

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What is the wealthiest New England state?

In terms of per capita income, however, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire are also three of the wealthiest states, with Connecticut being ranked first in the U.S.