How much plastic waste does Ireland produce?

How much waste does Ireland produce?

People living in Ireland produce more than 14 million tonnes of waste every year. We do this in our homes, our places of work and leisure.

What percentage of plastic is recycled in Ireland?

Key trends

Material Ireland’s 2019 Recycling rate Packaging Directive recycling target by 2025
Plastic 28% 50%
Wood – including repair and reuse 53% 25%
Metal 69% Separate targets introduced for Ferrous metal and Aluminium
– Ferrous Metals 78% 70%

Which countries produce the most plastic waste?

Countries Producing The Most Plastic Waste

Rank Country Plastic waste per capita kilograms per year
1 United States 105.3
2 United Kingdom 98.66
3 South Korea 88.09
4 Germany 81.16

What does Ireland do with their plastic?

Ireland’s burgeoning reliance on plastic has been laid bare, with figures showing about 70% of it being burned instead of recycled.

Where does Ireland send its plastic waste?

The makeup of Ireland’s municipal waste has changed considerably over the last ten years. Plastics now makeup one-fifth of the waste in household recycling and residual waste bins. More residual waste is now used as a fuel (energy recovery) than disposed to landfill in Ireland.

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Is Ireland good at recycling?

Ireland has achieved its highest ever rate of recycling, surpassing all EU recycling targets, Repak reports. The country’s overall recycling rate of 68% for all materials is ahead of the EU targets by 13% and it is now one of the leading performers in Europe.

Where does Ireland’s waste go?

Mindy O’Brien of the environmental group Voice Ireland says: “We are now putting much less rubbish in landfill and that is a good thing, but there is now a huge amount of plastic going for incineration, either at plants such as the incinerator at Ringsend, or in cement plants.

Which country is the cleanest country in the world?

Cleanest Countries In The World 2021

Rank Country EPI Value
1 Denmark 82.5
2 Luxembourg 82.3
3 Switzerland 81.5
4 United Kingdom 81.3

How much waste goes to landfill in Ireland?

Ireland’s landfill rate for municipal waste dropped to just 14% in 2018, down significantly from 23% in 2017 and reflecting a continuing steep decline from 62% in 2008 (Figure 2).

How much recycling actually gets recycled Ireland?

Ireland’s overall recycling rate of 68% for all materials is ahead of the EU targets by 13% and one of the lead performances in Europe, according to Repak.

What is the plastic problem like in Ireland?

Currently, Ireland is the worst offender in Europe for plastic packaging per capita, O’Brien points out, at 61kg per person per year compared to a European average of 30kg. Ireland’s 61kg is the equivalent of 25 full bath-loads of squashed plastic wrappers.

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