How much does a wren weigh UK?

Is the Wren the smallest British bird?

It’s not the smallest British bird (that’s the goldcrest), but it is the shortest. In proportion to its size, the wren has the loudest song of any British bird. … One male mute swan weighs the same as 1,400 wrens.

Why is a Wren called troglodytes?

Wrens are the most common, abundant and widespread British bird. Its Latin name is Troglodytes, meaning cave dweller, the species is part of the Troglodytidae family.

How long does a wren live?

House Wren eggs take 13-15 days to hatch. The nestlings remain in the nest for 15-17 days. Considering their long migration and the fact that they weigh so little, House Wrens can live surprisingly long. One banded House Wren lived to be 9 years old.

What food do wrens eat?

Wrens are mostly meat-eaters and enjoy all kinds of insects. They love beetles, moths, flies, and spiders, they are even partial to the occasional snail. So offering them something that mimics their favourite food makes sense. A feeder full of dried mealworms will sendthem into a frenzy.

Are House Wrens bad?

Wrens covet all nest sites on their territory, and can become fierce pillagers of other birds’ nests. This is where they run afoul of some humans. … They’re notorious for ruining the nests of chickadees, bluebirds and tree swallows and even, at times, killing the adult birds.

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