How many UK citizens don’t speak English?

What percentage of the UK population does not speak English?

Among the UK-born population, less than 0.1% reported not being able to speak English well or at all (58,000).

How many people in the UK do not speak English as a first language?

Less than 2% (or 863,150 people) of the population in England and Wales reported not being able to speak English well or at all. Of those who reported a language other than English to be their ‘main language’, 79% said they spoke English very well or well.

Do British only speak English?

The results of the survey state that the British are officially the worst language learners in Europe! … 62% of people surveyed can’t speak any other language apart from English. 38% of Britons speak at least one foreign language, 18% speak two and only 6% of the population speak three or more.

How many people in Wales do not understand English?

Across England and Wales, fewer than 1 in 50 people (aged 3 or over) could not speak English well or at all (2%, 863,000). For the majority of local authorities, the inability to speak English well or at all affected less than 1% of the population.

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Why does the UK speak English?

The English language is a result of the invasions of the island of Britain over many hundreds of years. The invaders lived along the northern coast of Europe. The first invasions were by a people called Angles about one thousand five hundred years ago. The Angles were a German tribe who crossed the English Channel.

What is the 2nd most spoken language in the UK?

Scots. Scots is the second most spoken language in the UK with around 1.5 million speakers in Scotland.

How many British citizens live in the UK?

British diaspora

Total population
United Kingdom 51,736,290 (81.9% of population)
New Zealand 71,391 Self-identified (up to 59.0% of population)
Australia 10,764,870 (45.4% of population)
Canada 10,749,150 (30.6% of population)

How many British are in UK?

The population of the UK stands at around 66 million, with a British diaspora of around 140 million concentrated in the United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, with smaller concentrations in the Republic of Ireland, Chile, South Africa, and parts of the Caribbean.