How many Somalis live in Northern Ireland?

What city has the largest Somali population?

According to US Census Bureau estimates for 2008-2012, the largest concentration of Somalia-born people in the United States is in the Minneapolis-St.

Where is the largest Somali population outside of Somalia?

About two thirds of all Somalis who live outside Somalia live in neighbouring countries Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Yemen. Kenya hosted more than 313,000 in April 2017. About 255,000 were registered as refugees in Ethiopia.

How many Slovaks live in Ireland?


Total population
Romania 17,226
Italy 15,000
Australia 12,000
Ireland 10,801

Where do Somalis live MN?

Somalis in Minnesota reside throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area and the surrounding towns. Many Somalis inhabit Minneapolis’ Cedar-Riverside neighborhood, particularly newly arrived immigrants.

How many Somalis live in France?

The number of Somalis living in France is estimated to be between two thousand and three thousand.

How many Somalis live in Toronto?

Approximately 25,000 Somalis have settled in Toronto within the past 12 years. Toronto’s multicultural nature, comparatively better economic opportunities, and the large Somali community have made the city a popular choice for resettlement by Somali refugees.

How many Somalis live in Rochester MN?

There are now about 25,000 Somalis who live in Minnesota — in the Twin Cities, Rochester and other cities.

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