How many adults are there in England?

What percentage of the UK is adults?

The data shows that: 21.3% of the overall population of England and Wales was aged under 18 years, 29.5% was aged 18 to 39 years, 26.7% was aged 40 to 59 years, and 22.5% was aged 60 years and over.

What is the population of England by age?

Population of England in 2020, by age group

Characteristic Estimated mid-year population
20-24 3,472,522
25-29 3,771,493
30-34 3,824,652
35-39 3,738,209

How many adults work in the UK?

There were approximately 32.4 million people employed in the United Kingdom in the three months to July 2021 compared with 32.6 million for the same period of 2020.

Number of people employed in the United Kingdom from March 1971 to July 2021 (in 1,000s)

Characteristic Number of people employed (in 1,000s)
Nov 20 32,304

How many 18 year olds are there in the UK?

In the middle of 2017, there were 766,000 people in the UK aged 18. At the start of the millennium the number of 18-year-olds in the UK was rising – but since 2009 it’s been going down.

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