How long is Ireland’s Route 66?

Does Ireland have a Route 66?

THE Wild Atlantic Way is a 1,500-mile trail stretching from the Inishowen Peninsula, in Co. Donegal, to Kinsale, Co. Cork. This is Ireland’s very own Route 66, its Great Ocean Road, its Highland Way.

Did Route 66 exist before anyone had a car?

The history of Route 66 began long before there were cars, or even horses and carts in America. It began with the first people to reach the New World some 15,000 years ago.

How long does it take to do the Route 66?

You need around three weeks to complete Route 66. There is no perfect time to drive Route 66. Due to its sheer size, you’re likely to experience some adverse weather conditions, whatever the month.

Is Route 66 the Wild Atlantic Way?

– the Wild Atlantic Way is comparable to the well know US routes like the 2,500km Highway 101 route along the west coast of the USA or the famous and historic 4,000km long Route 66 from Chicago to LA.

Can you walk the Wild Atlantic Way?

While you can’t technically set about walking the Wild Atlantic Way in its entirety, there is an abundance of hiking trails you can explore along the way. Whether you’re looking for a gentle, circular route or something a bit more exhilarating, find the best Wild Atlantic Way walking routes below.

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How long would it take to drive across Ireland?

280 km (175 miles) wide and 486 km (300 miles) long to be exact! This makes it about the size of South Carolina or Maine so you can cover a lot in 7 days. The best way to get around is to drive. I recommend hiring a car at the airport so you can get on the road straight away.

How long does it take to cycle around Ireland?

The Wild Atlantic Way Audax Ireland event started on Friday 17th of June and required cyclists to pedal 2,100km over 7 days and 7 hours – in other words, they had 175 hours to get from one end of the Wild Atlantic Way to the other.