How long did Les Miserables run in London?

How Long Has Les Misérables been in London?

Since it first opened to rapturous applause in London in 1985, “Les Mis” has run continuously for more than 30 years and 11,000 performances. However, this record-setting run is finally coming to an end on July 13, when the original production closes at the Queen’s Theatre.

What is the longest running musical in the UK?


# Title Performances
1 The Mousetrap 28,000
2 Les Misérables 13,964
3 The Phantom of the Opera 13,629
4 The Woman in Black 12,326

How long did Les Misérables run?

The Broadway production opened 12 March 1987 and ran until 18 May 2003, closing after 6,680 performances. At the time of its closing, it was the second-longest running musical in broadway history. As of 2019, it remains the sixth longest-running Broadway show.

How long has Les Misérables been running in the West End?

Longest-running musicals on the West End in London by number of performances as of February 2020

Musical title (year) Number of performances
Les Misérables (1985)* 14,156
The Phantom of the Opera (1986)* 13,877
Blood Brothers (1988) 10,013
Cats (1981) 8,949
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How long did Phantom of the Opera run in London?

Phantom of the Opera, the West End’s second longest running show, is to end after more than 30 years, it has emerged. The curtain has fallen for the final time on the production, which has been running at Her Majesty’s Theater since 1986, due to the financial impact of the pandemic.

What London play is the longest running production in history?

The Mousetrap

The Mousetrap is the world’s longest-running theatre production, in the West End since 25th November 1952.

Who wrote Les Misérables?

Who wrote the music for Les Misérables 2012?

Who has played Thenardier in London?

Main performers

Colm Wilkinson Jean Valjean Original London Cast Original Broadway Cast
Alun Armstrong Thénardier Original London Cast
Lea Salonga Éponine Replacement Broadway Cast
Michael Ball Marius Pontmercy Original London Cast Complete Symphonic Recording
Michael Maguire Enjolras Original Broadway Cast

How many Les Miserables movies are there?

Below, you will find reviews of eleven of the filmed versions of “Les Miserables”, of which I have provided nine, and I am indebted to Lindsay Addison for her reviews of the 1947 and 1952 versions which, sadly, I have been unable to see. I hope you find them helpful and informative.