How do you read legislation UK?

What is the first reading of a Bill UK?

First Reading is the formal introduction of a Bill to the House of Commons or the House of Lords. The Bill is not debated at this stage, but a date for its Second Reading in that House is set, a bill number is allocated and an order is made for it to be printed.

How do you read a legal act?

There are some methods or techniques, which you can follow while reading Bare Acts for a clear understanding of the law.

  1. Know the purpose of the Act. …
  2. Read the interpretation/definition clause. …
  3. Interpret literally. …
  4. Break sentences into parts and read. …
  5. Give special attention to some terms. …
  6. The help of the Standard Textbook.

How do you read laws and regulations?

How to Read a Statute

  1. Pay close attention to the statute’s format and organization. Look for breaks in the text. …
  2. Look for keywords: …
  3. Do not skip over words that you do not know or fully understand. …
  4. Read through cross-referenced sections in their entirety.

How do you reference an act example?

Reference examples

  1. Example:
  2. Example:
  3. If you are referencing an Act you found online, this should be indicated in the reference. Title of the Act and year. ( chapter number of the Act; abbreviated to ‘c’). [ Online]. Place of publication: Publisher. [ Date accessed]. Available from: URL. Example:
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How do you cite an act in Bluebook?

Official name of act, U.S.C. title number Abbreviation of Code cited, sections symbols and span of sections containing statute (Date of Code edition cited). Eg: Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act, 42 U.S.C.

How do you cite the UK Gov website in APA?

Name of government department (Year) Title. Available at: URL (Accessed: date). Department of Heath and Social Care (2013) The health and care system explained. Available at: publications/the-health-and-care-system-explained (Accessed: 7th June 2018).

What is the third reading of a bill UK?

Third reading is the final chance for the Commons to debate the contents of a Bill. It usually takes place immediately after report stage as the next item of business on the same day.

What is the second reading of a bill UK?

The Second Reading is normally the first opportunity for a Bill to be debated in either House and is the stage where the overall principles of the Bill are considered. If the Bill passes Second Reading it moves on to the Committee Stage.

What is first reading in legislative process?


The bill is filed with the Bills and Index Service and the same is numbered and reproduced. Three days after its filing, the same is included in the Order of Business for First Reading. On First Reading, the Secretary General reads the title and number of the bill.