How do I rent a car in Ireland?

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What documents do I need to hire a car in Ireland?

Usually when hiring a car, you will be asked to show proof of identity (for example, your passport) and a credit card. You will also need to show your valid driving licence. Check with the rental company to see if you need more documentation, such as an international driver’s permit.

Do you need insurance to rent a car in Ireland?

Extra Car Insurance When Renting A Car In Ireland

In fact, you have to have it. No rental car company in Ireland will let you take a car without additional coverage, usually requiring full coverage with a collision damage waiver (CDW).

What needed to rent a car?

A valid driver’s license with a photo. A photo ID (For example: a driver’s license or passport) Credit or debit card (check the acceptable forms of payment at the location you’re renting from)

Can I rent a car in Ireland with a UK licence?

Irish car rental companies require all UK licence holders to present a ‘check code’ before the rental can be released; the ‘check code’ will be valid for 21 days. This can be obtained by printing it out from the DVLA’s ‘Share Driving Licence’ section – Driving Licence – before you collect your vehicle.

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Do you need insurance to drive a rental car?

Find out what you need to know about rental car insurance. All rental cars have to have three basic types of cover to be on the road: damage cover, theft cover and third-party cover.

Do you need insurance when renting a car?

Rental car companies do not provide insurance. It is in fact a liability limitation product. … If you are at fault in a car accident you usually have no cover for the damage to the other car!

How long must you have your license to rent a car?

Whatever your age, you’ll usually need to hold a full driving licence for at least two years to rent a car.

Can I hire a car without my own insurance?

Most rental companies will ask you to buy the necessary cover at the counter before you take the car. Some rental companies will offer you the option to use your own credit card cover for your rental, instead of buying anything at the counter.

Can you rent a car without a deposit?

In the majority of cases, a deposit is required if you want to hire a car. This deposit is used to cover any insurance excess that you might need to pay if the car is damaged during the car hire period.

Do they run your license when you rent a car?

You‘ll provide your driver’s license at the start of the car rental process, primarily for identity verification and to ensure that your license is in good standing. But some rental car companies will also run a driver record check.

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