How do I get to Jersey from UK?

How long is ferry from UK to Jersey?

Take your car and begin your holiday to Jersey onboard Commodore Clipper from Portsmouth in the UK. Being a conventional ferry, she’ll get you to Jersey in 10 hours and 20 minutes via Guernsey or from 8 hours direct on Tuesdays.

Can I get a ferry from Jersey to the UK?

There are 2 ferry routes operating between Jersey and England offering you combined total of 8 sailings per week. Condor Ferries operates 2 routes, Jersey (St Helier) to Poole runs 2 times per week & Jersey (St Helier) to Portsmouth about 6 times weekly.

Can you take your car to Jersey?

How to get to Jersey by car? You can travel to Jersey by car by taking a ferry. With travel companies Condor Ferries and Manche Iles Express, you will be able to board the ferry in your vehicle and drive it off at the other end!

Which ferry companies go to Jersey?

Find Ferries to Jersey

  • Ferry Company. Ferry Route. …
  • Condor Ferries. Guernsey Jersey (St Helier) …
  • Condor Ferries. Poole Jersey (St Helier) …
  • Condor Ferries. Portsmouth Jersey (St Helier) …
  • Condor Ferries. St Malo Jersey (St Helier) …
  • Manche Iles Express. Carteret Jersey (St Helier) …
  • Manche Iles Express. …
  • Manche Iles Express.
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Do you need a passport to fly to Jersey from UK?

On arrival in Jersey from the UK, Isle of Man or Guernsey you don’t need to carry a passport. However, you’re required to carry some form of recognised photographic identification as Jersey Customs and Immigration Officers may need to confirm your identity and nationality and evidence of your immigration permission.

Do you need a car to get around Jersey?

At just nine miles by five, it is easy to get around in Jersey. Bring your own vehicle, hire a car, make use of a great public transport network or cycle in the islands dedicated green lanes. Or make the most of the stunning scenery by getting around on foot.

Where can I fly to Jersey from in UK?

You can fly to Jersey from all over the UK. EasyJet has started flying from Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow, Southend and Gatwick, and British Airways also offers services from Gatwick.

Are the Ferries running to Jersey?

There are 2 ferry routes operating between England and Jersey offering you combined total of 7 sailings per week. Condor Ferries operates 2 routes, Poole to Jersey (St Helier) runs 2 times per week & Portsmouth to Jersey (St Helier) about 5 times weekly.

How far is Jersey from mainland UK?

Located some 100 miles (160 kms) south of mainland Britain, Jersey is the most southerly island of the British Isles. In fact, it’s much closer to France, lying just 14 miles (22 kms) from its coast.

Can I drive in Jersey on a UK Licence?

For driving in Jersey you need a valid driving licence or International Driving Permit. UK International driving Permits are NOT valid. You should bring your licence with you, not a photocopy. If you are bringing your own car you must also have a Certificate of Insurance or an International Green Card.

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Is Jersey expensive to visit?

Jersey has been labelled as the most expensive place in the world. … According to the site, the cost of living in Jersey is 114.14% higher than in the United States, and 117.11% higher than the UK. 114.14% The cost of living in Jersey is said to be this much higher than the US.

Can you fly to Jersey without a passport?

In simple terms, no you won’t need a passport when flying to Jersey by air. But you will be required to carry a identify card for immigration purposes and airline check in requirements – which means that most people end up taking their passport anyway!