How do I find a GP in Ireland?

Can’t find a GP Ireland?

If you can’t get a GP to accept you on their patient list, try another GP in your area. Contact us if 3 GPs have declined to accept you on to their patient list. We will assign you a GP.

Search the lists for GPs providing services for:

  1. Medical cards.
  2. Over 70s GP visit cards.
  3. Under 6s GP visit cards.

How do I find a regular GP?

To find a new GP you can:

  1. ask your current doctor for advice.
  2. ask your family, friends and neighbours for recommendations.
  3. ask a local pharmacist or other medical professionals who have dealings with doctors in the area.

How much does a GP visit cost in Ireland?

To visit a GP you can expect to pay from around 45 euro up to 65 euro (in some urban areas). Contact your GP before your first visit to find out about charges. GPs may provide certain services to private patients free of charge.

What do you do if you don’t have a GP?

If you’re away from home and need to see a GP, you can contact any GP surgery nearby.

Alternative services

  1. NHS 111 for non-emergency medical advice and information about local services.
  2. a pharmacist can provide advice and treatment for minor conditions that do not need a prescription.
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Can I see a GP without being registered?

Legally, you do not need any documents to register with a GP. In practice, some GP practices may ask for: Your NHS card. Proof of address (usually 1 or 2 bills with your name on it) in order to prove that you live in the area.

How do I get a new GP when I move?

You do not need the consent of your GP to change GPs. When you have found another GP willing to accept you, you should contact them and ask if they will take you on – see under the heading Registering with a GP. You can then make an appointment to see the new GP immediately.

Are private GPs better?

The overall service that you receive before, during and after your appointment is generally a lot more efficient in private healthcare. Your initial wait time to book an appointment with the doctor will be significantly reduced when arranged through private healthcare.

How do you pay for the doctor?

Payment Types

Generally, payment is required at the time of treatment; we accept cash and EFTPOS (including Debit cards, MasterCard® and Visa).

Is GP free in Ireland?

A GP visit card allows you to visit a participating family doctor (GP) for free. … The GP visit card does not cover hospital charges. Prescribed drugs are not free but may be covered by the Drugs Payment Scheme. The GP visit card does cover visits to GP out of hours services.

Do doctors get paid for phone calls?

On-call pay may be in the form of a daily stipend, an annual stipend, an hourly rate, or a “per shift” stipend. And while this varies from hospital to hospital, approximately 70% of physicians are paid at daily compensation rates.

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Are GPs private or public?

Operating as a private business, GPs are free to determine reasonable fees that are reflective of the services they provide.