How did the colonies reflect England?

How did events in England affect the colonies?

How did events in England affect the New England colonies’ development? England was becoming strict with the colonies and imposed many restrictions on them. The Glorious Revolution angered the colonies, caused them to fight back, and even tighter laws were re-enforced in return.

How did the New England colonies promote the ideals of democracy and self government?

Cite evidence to support the claim that the New England Colonies promoted the ideals of democracy and self-government. The colonies created elected representative assemblies to make laws and slowly expanded the definition of who could vote. What were the differences between a proprietary colony and a royal colony?

In what ways did the British North American colonies reflect their mother country quizlet?

32) In what ways did the british North American colonies reflect their mother country? They remained united by their common language and common Puritan faith.

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Why were the New England colonies most affected by the Glorious Revolution?

How did the Glorious Revolution affect the colonies? … Specialized in raising a single cash crop, shipped their goods directly to the northern colonies and Europe, produced most of what they needed on their property.

How did the middle colonies reflect the American future?

How did the Middle Colonies reflect the American future? People of many ethnicity and religions lived in the Middle Colonies. … The Dutch and the Swedes lost their North American colonies because… England was growing stronger militarily.

What best describes the New England colonies?

The New England colonies were made up of the colonies of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. The New England colonies were flat along the rocky coastline, which made good harbors. It became hilly and mountainous further inland. The land was covered in dense forests.

Which answer best explains why the New England colonies relied on ship making and fishing to sustain their economy?

The New England colonies did not have good soil for farming and couldn’t grow many farm goods. Because of this, they had to depend on the other colonies for these goods. … The New England colonies specialized in fishing and shipbiulding mainly because of their coastal area and abundance of standing timber.

What was a crucial advantage that the English colonies?

What was a crucial advantage that the English colonies had over other European colonists? There was a shortage of laborers. Why was indentured servitude originally considered for the American colonies? Led by James Oglethorpe, this colony was settled for military and philanthropic reasons.

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What form of government did New England colonies rely on?

The government of the New England colonies was primarily theocratic, meaning it was religiously based. Only men could participate in the government, and they had to attend the local church to do so.

What were the New England colonies economic activities?

Economy. New England’s economy was largely dependent on the ocean. Fishing (especially codfish) was most important to the New England economy, though whaling, trapping, shipbuilding, and logging were important also.