How common are jackdaws in UK?

Are jackdaws protected in the UK?

Jackdaws, like other members of the crow family, are protected animals in the U.K., and permits to kill or trap them can only be granted to prevent serious damage to crops, livestock, public health or other wild birds.

Are jackdaws a pest?

Jackdaws are considered to be a pest for many people due to their destructive nature. A single flock can do inordinate damage to a field of crops and their fascination with shiny objects means that they can often scratch and peck wing mirrors on cars.

What noise does a jackdaw make UK?

Jackdaw. The calls of jackdaws range from a hard staccato ‘tchack’ or ‘jack’, to a slow persistent squawking sound. These birds are well adapted to living in urban areas, often nesting in chimneys and buildings.

Can I shoot jackdaws in my garden?

You can still shoot jackdaws and rooks to protect crops, but the law now says that you have to prove you’re growing crops.

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