How big is the hospitality industry in Scotland?

How much is the hospitality industry worth in Scotland?

Hospitality directly employs over 220,000 people – 8.6 per cent of Scotland’s jobs – and, indirectly, a further 120,000 people. It accounts for £7.9bn in turnover and £4bn to the Scottish economy in wages and profits (Gross Value Added – GVA).

What is Scotland’s largest industry?

The economy of Scotland had an estimated nominal gross domestic product (GDP) of $205 billion in 2020 including oil and gas extraction in Scottish waters.

Economy of Scotland.

Main industries Fishing, Food & Drink, Forestry, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Textiles, Tourism
Ease-of-doing-business rank 8th (UK)(2020)

How many people work in hospitality Scotland?

Just over 53,000 people work in hotels and other accommodation, while 37,200 are involved in “beverage serving activities” – a sector which saw a 27% increase from 2014.

Is tourism Scotland’s biggest industry?

Tourism and events is one of Scotland’s most important industries, helping to create wealth and jobs and build upon our strong international reputation. We aim to help our tourism and events industry to grow further and to attract more visitors to Scotland.

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Where do most of Scotlands tourists come from?

In terms of overseas visitors, those from the United States made up 24% of visits to Scotland, with the United States being the largest source of overseas visitors, and Germany (9%), France (8%), Canada (7%) and Australia (6%), following behind.

How many people work in the tourism industry in Scotland?

Tourism pre-Covid

Prior to the pandemic crisis, the sector employed 229,000 people – around 1 in 12 jobs across Scotland – and was a major employer in our cities and rural areas. Turnover for the tourism industry was £7.7 billion in 2018 (3.3% of Scotland’s total).

What industries are growing in Scotland?

Growth sector statistics

  • food and drink (including agriculture and fisheries)
  • creative Industries (including digital)
  • sustainable tourism.
  • energy (including renewables)
  • financial and business Services.
  • life sciences.

What is Scotland’s biggest export?

Scotland’s top 5 goods export categories in 2018 were: (1) Petroleum products & related materials (£11.5 billion); (2) Beverages (£4.3 billion); (3) Power generating machinery & equipment (£2.6 billion);

What percentage of Scotland’s economy is tourism?

The tourism sector is one of the most important for the Scottish economy with around 14 million people visiting the country each year. Spending by tourists is around 5% of GDP and the sector accounts for more than 7% of employment in Scotland.

How much is the events industry worth in Scotland?

The business events market is estimated to be worth between £900m and £1.9bn per annum to Scotland.

How does visit Scotland make money?

VisitScotland’s primary aim is to market Scotland as a tourism destination, which it does through advertising and promotion as well as encouraging press articles on Scotland and what it has to offer the business or consumer visitor.

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