Frequent question: Why is Queen Elizabeth’s face white?

How thick was Queen Elizabeth’s makeup?

So began the vicious cycle for Elizabeth, as her skin deteriorated, it is said that she would layer on more and more, reaching a coverage that was one inch thick towards the end of her life.

Why did Queen Elizabeth wear wigs?

It is said that an attack of smallpox in 1562, when Elizabeth was around 29, caused her to lose some of her hair so she started wearing wigs. Her trademark auburn wig, make-up and lavish gowns were part of the image she constructed and also kept her youthful.

Did Queen Elizabeth have bad skin?

But, after her brush with death via smallpox, the Queen was left with a lifelong reminder of her illness; she was devastated when she realised that her skin would always bear the scars of the disease that almost took her life.

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