Frequent question: Why do British houses have a box room?

What is a British box room?

British. : a room in a house where things are stored.

Why do English houses have conservatories?

When conservatories first became fashionable, they were designed to be an extension of the garden, allowing homeowners to enjoy their outdoor space in the warmth and comfort of their property. However, these days, conservatories tend to be better integrated into the main body of the house.

Why is a box room so called?

‘Our attic bedroom was used as a box room in E’s day. … ‘They are staying in what used to be the box room (so called because it was full of boxes, not because of its size), which is now called the guest bedroom/computer room.

What is s box room?

/ (ˈbɒksˌruːm, -ˌrʊm) / noun. a small room or large cupboard in which boxes, cases, etc, may be stored.

Why don t British houses have porches?

Homes tend not to have porches as you know them in the U.S., but a lot of houses have conservatories which are made up of windows in the back of the house. They catch the sun when it’s out and are a nice place to sit when it’s raining outside. The British would never sit out in the front of their house.

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What is a room filled with plants called?

The term greenhouse came to describe the rooms and conservatories for tender plants. … In contemporary construction, a conservatory differs from an orangery in having more than 75% of its roof surface made from glass.

What do Brits think of American homes?

Brits responding to the survey associated San Jose with big money, describing the typical home with phrases like “Big house, big pool,” “lots of pool parties,” “a luxury hi-tech mansion,” and “big gates, gated community.” They’re right that Silicon Valley, home to some of the world’s most lucrative tech firms, is an …

What do the British call a dining room?

If the kitchen does include a dining space then it may be referred to as a kitchen diner. A smaller version of a kitchen, which you may find in a studio flat, is called a kitchenette.