Frequent question: What is the origin of the name Soho in London?

What does SoHo mean in England?

Soho was the name for a house or group of houses covering the rough area between Wardour Street and Bourchier Street.

How many Soho are there in the world?

There are 10 places in the world named Soho!

Soho can be found in 7 countries throughout the world. In some countries the place can be found more than once. For example South Korea, North Korea and Jamaica.

Is SoHo short for something?

The name “SoHo” derives from the area being “South of Houston Street”, and was coined in 1962 by Chester Rapkin, an urban planner and author of The South Houston Industrial Area study, also known as the “Rapkin Report”. The name also recalls Soho, an area in London’s West End.

What is TriBeCa short for?

The syllabic abbreviation TriBeCa stands for The Triangle Below Canal Street, located in Lower Manhattan, New York. Coined in the beginning of the 70s, the area bounded by Canal and Broadway, Church and Lispenard Streets appears to form a triangle on the city’s planning maps.

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