Frequent question: What does thong mean in the UK?

What is thongs slang for?

One of the most infamous Australian idiosyncrasies is the word for flip flop: the ‘thong’. … By the late 1700s, it had become slang for clothes, and many travelling to Australia on the First Fleet, which brought the first white settlers to Australia in 1788, would have used the word this way.

What are thongs in America?

The usage of thong as G-string (bathing suit or underwear) is post 1980’s? Etymonline states that flip-flop meant “thong sandal,” by 1972; but for thong states: As a kind of sandal, first attested 1965; as a kind of bikini briefs, 1990.

What does thong mean in Canada?

Though an apparel item in both countries, thongs are way less risqué in Canada, because they are simply flip-flops.

What does prawn mean in Australia?

Aussie Word of the Week

Prawn has been a part of Australian slang since the 1890s, to call someone a prawn is to call them a fool or jerk; an insignificant or objectionable person. He’s a bit of a prawn. Also called a prawn head.

What do Australians call Americans?

Seppo is most often used by Australians and New Zealanders. It’s mostly used to contemptuously refer to Americans, those bloody seppos.

What is a thong in Australia?

‘Thong’ meaning

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The word used in Australia, to define flip flops. Has no relation to underwear. Example: eh mate, where you get your thongs from?

What does rubber mean in Australia?

Every Australian knows a rubber is a small stationery item used to correct pencil mistakes, and is more formally known as an eraser. But in the United States, the word “rubber” is a euphemism for condom.

Why is a thong called a thong?

“Thong” comes from words meaning “restraint,” according to The Oxford English Dictionary, and was originally a narrow strip of leather used to secure something. (In the case of thong underwear, not much restraint is required.)

What does shrimp on the Bobby mean?

“Barbie” is Australian slang for barbecue and the phrase “slip a shrimp on the barbie” often evokes images of a fun social gathering under the sun. … Prawns are a popular traditional Christmas seafood in Australia.