Frequent question: How will Brexit affect law firms UK?

How will Brexit impact UK law firms?

The UK’s exit from the European Union would affect lawyers in two ways. The first affects the law directly: changes in legislation which will either remove areas of work from a lawyers’ range of activities or (more likely) create work for lawyers who need to explain the changes to businesses and other clients.

Is Brexit good for law firms?

Many law practices report that Brexit has helped boost billing as more firms actively plan how to thrive during the departure from the EU. But for the most part, the biggest positive was simply that there was a deal. A messy no-deal was feared by legal industry along with the rest of the business community.

What are the current issues affecting law firms?


  • Flexible working/work-life balance. A change in the way lawyers work has been on the cards for a while. …
  • Remote justice. Much like law firms, courts and tribunals (as well as ADR providers) have been forced to contend with new ways of working during lockdown. …
  • Wellbeing.

Can UK lawyers advice EU law after Brexit?

Following the end of the Brexit transition period on 31 December 2020, the respective member state is no longer bound by the EU Lawyers Directives which ensure recognition of home title by a UK lawyer, and the privileges which accompany this, including legal privilege. Instead, national rules apply.

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Can UK lawyers practice EU law?

Yes, you will be able to continue to practise law before the EU courts and you will benefit from legal professional privilege (LPP) before the EU institutions after the end of the transition period.

Is the UK still in the EFTA?

On 4 June 2021, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway (the EEA EFTA States) and the United Kingdom (UK) concluded in substance the negotiations on a comprehensive free trade agreement. The UK is a key trading partner for all three EEA EFTA States.

Is there a demand for lawyers in the UK?

To meet demand, the sector will need to recruit 7,000 new lawyers every year, a demand not currently met by the 3,100 graduates and 3,300 lawyers returning to work every year. … From two lawyers to one secretary in 1998 and five lawyers to one secretary in 2017, there are predicted to be 20 lawyers per secretary by 2027.

What are the biggest challenges facing law firms?

Legal Sector Challenges Today and for the Foreseeable Future

  • New types of legal service and new forms of delivery of legal services. …
  • Law firm mergers. …
  • The demise of legal aid. …
  • Growth in outsourcing. …
  • Pricing pressures with increased client demands. …
  • Advocates/Barristers vs Solicitors. …
  • Referral fee bans.