Frequent question: How many Red Lion pubs are there in England?

How many pubs in England are called the Red Lion?

Red Lion is the name of over 600 pubs. It thus can stand for an archetypal British pub.

Are Red Lion pubs a chain?

Although it’s a chain you still get a nice bit of English Pub atmosphere.

How many pubs called Red Lion inside M25?

Red Lion Pubs

More importantly, the number of Red Lion’s within the M25 stands at 46.

What town has the most pubs in England?

It’s official… Pompey is the pub capital of the UK! With 12 pubs per square mile, the seaside city takes the top spot. But how does your city compare?

How many pubs in the UK are called the white horse?

Most common names of open pubs listed on Pubs Galore

rank Pub Name Total pubs
8 White Horse 277
9 Kings Arms 245
10 Ship 238
11 New 236

What are the 10 most popular pub names?


  • Royal Oak.
  • White Hart.
  • The Swan.
  • The Plough.
  • White Horse.
  • New Inn.
  • The Ship.
  • King’s Head.
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How many Red Lion pubs are there in Wales?

With at least 600 dotted around the UK, The Red Lion is the most common pub name in Britain. In Wales, you’ll find one in Llandybie, Holywell, Prestatyn, Kidwelly, Cowbridge, Penderyn, Builth Wells, Ystrad Meurig, Trefeglwys, Llanrwst, Mold and Tredegar.

What country are the Red Lion?

M@ How Many Red Lions Are There In London? Red Lion, Crown Passage, St James’s. The Red Lion is widely regarded as Britain’s most common pub name.

How many pubs are in London?

The London borough of Westminster had the highest number of pubs in London, with 430 pubs as of 2018. However this was a decline compared to figures in 2001, when there were 515 pubs in the borough.

Number of bars and public houses in London in 2001 and 2018, by borough.

Characteristic 2001 2018

How many Wetherspoons are there in the UK?

J D Wetherspoon plc (branded variously as Wetherspoon or Wetherspoons, and colloquially known as Spoons) is a pub company operating in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Founded in 1979 by Tim Martin and based in Watford, the company operates 925 pubs as of June 2021.