Frequent question: How many Brits go to France?

How many Brits emigrate to France each year?

To help you with your decision making we’ve put together the 11 reasons you should join the 20,000 other Brits that move to France each year.

Why are so many Brits moving to France?

There are many reasons France has always been popular with British expats, the sunny climes of the south of France, the laid back lifestyle, ease of access to the UK, and of course the fantastic food and wine. Interest has been further bolstered by popular TV shows.

Does France want British tourists?

France has announced it will allow fully vaccinated UK travellers with proof of negative antigen tests to enter the country without needing a “compelling reason”.

How many retired Brits live in France?


INSEE, the national statistics organisation, issued 2016 figures in June 2020 which state the figures in France as 148,300 of whom 53,000 are retired. A further 86,000 second homes are owned by British nationals.

Where do most Brits retire to in France?

Here are some of the top places for expats to set up a new life in France:

  1. Toulouse, Haute-Garonne. This area in the south-west of France is known for its balmy summers and temperate winters. …
  2. Bordeaux, Aquitane. …
  3. Rennes, Brittany. …
  4. Nice, Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur. …
  5. Limoges, Haute-Vienne.
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Can Brits move to France after Brexit?

UK nationals can still move to France after Brexit to join family members. However, they no longer have the right to do so as EU citizens. This means that you will need to apply for a family visa if joining relatives for longer than three months.

Is it better to live in Spain or France?

In general, France has a stronger economy than Spain, and the higher cost of living translates into higher prices for visitors. This is particularly true in cities like Paris, where affordable accommodation can be hard to come by. Coastal France can also be quite expensive.

How much do Brits spend in France?

According to tourism body Atout France, around 13 million Britons visited France in 2019. They spent an average of 6.5 days in France, and spent €6 billion.

Can unvaccinated children travel to France?

Children, whether or not they are vaccinated, are not subject to compelling reasons and quarantine if they are accompanied by a vaccinated adult. Unvaccinated children aged 12 and over must have taken a PCR or antigen test in the past 24 hours.

How much do UK tourists spend in France?

In 2014 British tourists spent around five billion euros in France.