Does McGee and co ship to UK?

Where does McGee and co furniture come from?

Created with elements like kiln dried wood and hand-stitched leather, each piece is handmade in the United States by makers who’ve mastered their craft. Deep seats, down-wrapped cushions, and all little details are considered to make sure your home not only looks pretty but is designed with premium comfort in mind.

Is Studio McGee the same as McGee and co?

Born from the idea of making life beautiful.

In 2014, Shea and her husband Syd decided to launch their interior design firm with one directive in mind, “Make Life Beautiful.” As the firm’s designs and fan base grew, it paved the way for the launch of their e-commerce brand, McGee & Co., two years later.

Is McGee and Co in Australia?

Home Decor Near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Does Shea McGee have a degree?

After graduating with a degree in Public Relations, Shea realized that what she really wanted to do was design. A few semesters into design school, her bright and clean aesthetic had attracted a waiting list of clients and no idea how to handle the workload.

Are Shea and Syd still together?

Syd and Shea, who have been married for 12-years, will welcome baby number three around mid-June. Though the couple are thrilled about their new addition, they admitted the news was a bit unexpected.

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Is Shea and Syd Mormon?

Although there is no information from Shea and Syd McGee about their religious affiliations, a Mormon Wiki page suggests that the McGees are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. … Whatever their faith be, Shea and Syd McGee come across as genuinely nice, supremely likable people.

How much is studio McGee worth?

Together, Shea and Syd McGee have a net worth of an estimated $5M – set to rise in the future with the projects they are undertaking and the Netflix show.