Do you get Sting Rays in Scotland?

Do sting rays live in UK?

Dasyatis pastinaca is the only true stingray species regularly encountered in UK waters. The size of Dasyatis pastinaca can be up to 140 cm body disc width and 250 cm total length.

Are there rays in UK?

There are around 18 species of skates and rays that are regularly found in UK waters. Only 8 are common. We’ve also had a few reports of vagrant Giant Devil Rays, Common Eagle Rays and Pelagic Stingrays.

Are there rays in Scotland?

Scotland has over 30 species of sharks, skates and rays recorded in its waters of which 25 are found in coastal waters. All elasmobranchs share life history characteristics which make them vulnerable to overfishing and means that once depleted, populations take a long time to recover.

What rays live in the UK?

Skate and Rays

  • Common Skate.
  • Small Eyed Ray.
  • Undulate Ray.
  • Common Stingray.
  • Electric Ray.
  • Other Ray Species.

Is eating stingray illegal?

Is it legal to catch and eat stingrays? Stingray are not a regulated species so you are free to catch them for bait or food using a hook and line or a castnet. Now you can either use the ray whole as shark bait or cut it up to attract smaller species.

Can you eat rays UK?

Rays have value to commercial fisheries and are taken for human consumption, although a lot of thornback rays taken by commercial vessels are bycatch which may be discarded at sea. Anglers can do their part in protecting thornback ray numbers by releasing any rays caught on a rod and line.

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How painful is a stingray sting?

The main symptom of a stingray sting is immediate severe pain. Although often limited to the injured area, the pain may spread rapidly, reaching its greatest intensity in < 90 minutes; in most cases, pain gradually diminishes over 6 to 48 hours but occasionally lasts days or weeks.