Do British people say chip chip cheerio?

Is Chip Chip Cheerio British?

Supposedly a stereotypically British utterance, but not actually used in Britain (though “cheerio” alone may be used).

Do British people really say pip pip cheerio?

Very rarely used in North America, where it is most likely to be considered humorous and is often used in a parody of British English speakers, particularly in “Pip pip, cheerio!” or “Pip pip, old chap!”.

What is Chip Chip Cheerio?

Filters. Goodbye.

What does Cheerio mean in British English?

chiefly British. —usually used as a farewell and sometimes as a greeting or toast.

What does pip pip and all that rot mean?

Pip pip, cheerio and all that rot. : “Cheerio” or “Cheers” is still used to mean “goodbye”. Cheers is also a minor version of “Thanks”, for instance if somebody holds the door if you’re walking through it behind them. Pissed: this means drunk rather than angry. However, ‘pissed off’ means annoyed.

Is Cheerio posh?


It means goodbye and is so so posh – you probably won’t even hear most posh people using it these days for fear of looking so posh.

Is Cheerio a British greeting?

That’s Italian for ” cheerio “ or “see ya,” according to His Lordship who is busy these days with his dictionaries and phrase books.

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Is Cheerio rude?

rude slang To really upset, irritate, or disappoint someone. Sorry to pee in your Cheerios, but you won’t get any credits for the class unless you attend every single lecture.

Is Cheerio British or Australian?

(UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, informal) A greeting or parting. (New Zealand, Australia) A small saveloy often consumed with tomato sauce at parties, also known as a cocktail sausage or a little boy.