Do BNO need visa to UK?

Can BNO enter UK?

Overview. If you’re from Hong Kong and are a British national (overseas) you and your family members can apply for a British National (Overseas) visa. This is known as a BNO visa. It allows you to live, work and study in the UK.

Do Hong Kong citizens need a visa for the UK?

The Government has created a new visa for people from Hong Kong with British National (Overseas) status. The five year visa will enable BN(O)s and their dependent family members to live, work and study in the UK, and give them a route to permanent settlement and British citizenship.

Does BNO count as UK passport?

The British National (Overseas) passport, commonly referred to as the BN(O) passport, is a British passport for persons with British National (Overseas) (BN(O)) citizenship. BN(O) citizenship was created in 1987 after the enactment of Hong Kong Act 1985.

British National (Overseas) passport
Issued by United Kingdom
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Is there a time limit to enter UK after getting BNO visa?

Applying to settle in the UK

You can apply to settle in the UK (known as ‘indefinite leave to remain’) after you’ve lived in the UK for 5 years on a BNO visa. This means you can stay in the UK without any time limits.

Can BNO Holder study in UK?

The new Hong Kong BN(O) Visa will allow Hongkongers with BNO status to live, work and study in the UK for up to five years. Applicants will be required to pay a visa fee, and the Immigration Health Surcharge to use the National Health Service (NHS) – in the same way as other current visa applicants do.

How many BNO are there in the UK?

Around 350,000 people in the territory hold BNO passports, and a further 2.5 million would be eligible to apply for them.

Can Hong Kong residents move to UK?

Since 31 January, Hong Kong residents have been able to come to the UK for up to five years and apply for permanent residency. … The UK says the law is an erosion of freedoms and rights.

Is BNO a citizenship?

British National Overseas (BNO) citizenship is a type of British nationality created in 1985 that people in Hong Kong could apply for before the 1997 handover to China to retain a link with the UK. The lifelong status, which cannot be passed down to family members, did not give holders any special rights.

How many visas does BNO have?

As many as 5.4 million Hongkongers are either BN(O) status holders or their dependents, a legacy of the city’s history as a British colony until 1997. Under the new BN(O) visa scheme, successful applicants are entitled to live, work and study in Britain for up to five years, and to apply for citizenship after six.

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Who is eligible for BNO passport?

To be eligible for the Hong Kong BNO visa, applicants must be 18 or over, have British national (overseas) status and ordinarily be resident in Hong Kong, the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

Can you travel with BNO?

Effective January 31, 2021, BN(O) passports will no longer be accepted as valid travel documentation for immigration clearance or for local identification in Hong Kong.

Does BNO allow dual citizenship?

The British government has updated its travel advice to warn its citizens that Hong Kong does not recognise dual nationality. … “If you have both British and Chinese nationality you may be treated as a Chinese citizen by local authorities, even if you enter Hong Kong on your British passport.”

Can I enter UK while waiting for BNO visa?

From 20 July 2021, if you want to come to the UK, you should apply for the BNO visa and wait for a decision before you travel. If you don’t, you might not be allowed to enter the UK. ‘Leave Outside the Rules’ has been extended to 19 July 2021′. ‘Leave Outside the Rules’ extended to 21 June 2021.

Does BNO need visa to Canada?

All temporary residence applications for HKSAR or BNO passport holders should be processed following the Temporary residence: COVID-19 program delivery instructions. Holders of HKSAR passports are visa exempt and may apply for an electronic travel authorization (eTA) should they wish to come to Canada.

Can I apply BNO visa without BNO passport?

When you apply you’ll need to provide a valid passport or other travel document that shows your identity and nationality. … If you no longer have a BNO passport you can still apply. The Home Office will check your status but it may take longer to get a decision on your application.

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