Did combo Die in This is England 1990?

Did Milky Die in This is England?

Does Milky die? The movie ends with Milky still in the hospital, as far as I can tell. The only reference afterwards is when Thomas is sitting on his bed and his mum says Milky will be alright.

Why did Combo get shot?

It was an initiation ritual. The kid (Tomas) wanted to become part of the gang, and they wanted to make sure that he would be someone they could use. So they asked him to prove himself by killing Combo, which he did.

What happened between milky and combo?

An angry Combo violently throws Shaun out of his flat after Shaun verbally defends Milky, then slams the door hard. When Banjo attempts to hit Milky as well, Combo violently beats him and evicts him and Meggy from the flat. Horrified at the realisation of what he has done, a remorseful Combo weeps over Milky.

Was combo killed in This is England?

The fate of Combo has not yet been confirmed/revealed by Meadows or Thorne, but the look of guilt on Milky’s face at the wedding, which is set two months after the incident, leaves the viewer to assume the worst, and that Combo suffered a painful death and was buried at sea.

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