Can you explore abandoned buildings UK?

Can you enter abandoned buildings UK?

In the UK many people think urbex is highly illegal. When you’re on someone else’s property it is considered trespass. The majority think trespass is a criminal matter, but in fact it’s actually a civil matter between you and the land owner.

Is exploring an abandoned building illegal?

Urban exploration can often be dangerous and illegal, a police spokesman said ahead of Bradley Garrett’s trial. … Exploring commercial properties, even disused ones, can also mean trespassing if explorers go onto property without the owner’s permission.

Is urban exploring trespassing?

Urbex has quite the reputation of being illegal—of requiring by definition trespassing. Although some urban exploration does indeed occur in areas that are legally off-limits, few “practitioners” would ever recommend that you do this.

Is it illegal to urban explore?

Exploring the less-traveled, boarded-up urban world is not so different from exploring the open, natural one, except that it’s likely to be illegal. The issue with this type of urban-exploration activity is trespassing — at its most basic, being on someone else’s property when you’re not supposed to be.

How do I find abandoned houses in UK?

The HM Land Registry website for England and Wales is:, the Registers of Scotland Executive Agency is: and the Land Registry of Northern Ireland is: Most local authorities have a register of empty properties and know who the owner is.

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Is trespass illegal UK?

Would the proposed offence criminalise trespass? Trespass to land is typically a civil issue and not generally a criminal offence unless some special statutory provision makes it so. In civil law, trespass to land consists of any unjustifiable intrusion by a person on the land in possession of another.

Can you take over an abandoned building?

If it’s vacant, it still has an owner, and it’s illegal to enter without permission. For truly abandoned property, you can enter and actually occupy it over time via the old rule of adverse possession.

How do you find abandoned houses to explore?


  1. Newspapers. Check your (local) newspaper and search for abandoned places. …
  2. Google Search. Just type in “abandoned places” and search. …
  3. Google Maps/Earth. Just travel the digital world and look for old factory near train tracks or rivers. …
  4. Urbex map or database. Some urbex websites have a map. …
  5. Go out!