Can you burn garden waste in Northern Ireland?

Can I burn wood in my garden NI?

Guidelines for Garden Bonfires

Never burn domestic rubbish, furniture, painted wood, tyres or plastics. Never add a fuel such as diesel, oil or petrol.

Is it illegal to burn things in your back garden?

Is It Legal to Burn Rubbish in Your Garden? Generally yes, you can burn rubbish in your garden. … However, some environmental laws make it an offence to cause fumes or smoke to be released into the air. Because they are harmful to human health and affect other people.

Is it illegal to burn rubbish in your garden Ireland?

Backyard burning of waste is illegal and is subject to prosecution. … 286 of 2009) make explicit the offence of disposal of waste by uncontrolled burning and prohibits such disposal within the curtilage of a dwelling. Failure to comply with these regulations is an offence and fines of up to €3,000 may be imposed.

Can you burn waste in garden?

Don’t burn garden waste if it is green and/or damp, such as recent hedge or tree trimmings. … Many local councils provide bins for garden waste, so you don’t have to burn it. Dry garden waste is safe to burn. Do not use oil, petrol, or spirits to fuel the fire, as it could get out of control and can spread fumes.

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Is it legal to burn garden waste UK?

Technically, garden bonfires aren’t actually illegal. However, there are laws in place for the nuisance they can cause. Burning domestic waste is strictly prohibited, as it will cause pollution or harm people’s health. Instead, you can dispose of household or garden waste by composting or recycling it.

Can I burn garden waste in an incinerator?

Garden incinerators burn garden or allotment waste at very high temperatures quickly and efficiently. … You don’t want to cause a nuisance to your neighbours, or burn anything that causes air pollution. The key point is that garden incinerators burn hot.

Can you light a fire in your garden Ireland?

It is illegal to burn household or garden waste at home or in your garden. This is an offence under waste management legislation and the Air Pollution Act 1987. If you are convicted, you can be fined up to €3,000 or imprisoned for 12 months. Burning waste is illegal because there can be toxic chemicals in waste items.

How do I report a Neighbour burning rubbish UK?

Call 0800 555 111 or report it online at

Can I burn tree branches?

Dry branches can be burned safely to eliminate unwanted debris. Branches that accumulate in your yard require some work to remove. Burning the branches takes preparation, including watching weather forecasts for an appropriate day for the project. … So maintaining control over your fire to burn branches is important.

What can I do if my Neighbour burns rubbish?

If a neighbour is burning a bonfire which is causing a nuisance, you should go round to their house and ask them politely to extinguish it or if they could do anything to reduce its effects.

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What can you burn in a garden incinerator?

Do burn:

  • Hedge cuttings.
  • Grass cuttings.
  • Leaves.
  • Twigs and branches.