Can I import honey to UK?

Can I export honey to UK?

If you’re in England, Scotland or Wales, you must apply for an export health certificate (EHC) using the online service to export honey and other apiculture products to the EU or to move them to Northern Ireland. … Anyone exporting to the EU from 15 January 2022 will need to apply for this EHC in advance of the export.

Can I send honey from EU to UK?

You are allowed up to 2kg combined weight per person of other animal products (i.e. other than meat, dairy and fish products) such as honey, eggs and egg products, snail meat and live bivalves.

Can honey be imported?

This piece of legislation bans the importation of honey into Trinidad and Tobago and domestic honey producers have grown comfortable with this protection over the period. … For example, the small island of Grenada which imports 45.9% of its products from Trinidad and Tobago cannot export its honey to Trinidad and Tobago.

Where does UK import honey from?

Top trading partners (import of “Natural honey.”) of United Kingdom in 2020: New Zealand with a share of 34% (41 million US$) China with a share of 32% (38 million US$) Poland with a share of 8.63% (10.3 million US$)

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How much honey does the UK import?

Imports of natural honey were valued at approximately 94 million British pounds in 2020, an increase compared to the previous year natural honey import value of roughly 86 million British pounds.

How do you import honey?

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) requires the following on its honey labels to pass import inspection:

  1. A grade, sampling or continuous inspection mark.
  2. The country of origin.
  3. Words that are legible and in English.
  4. The words “Product of,” followed by the country where the honey came from.

Can you mail honey to Europe?

The European Union (EU) has placed an import ban on Honey from certain countries or territories. Before shipping Honey to a European Union country or territory, it is highly recommended to contact your local chamber of commerce or your importer for detailed information.

Can I bring honey into Europe?

If you travel to the EU from a non-EU country, you are not allowed to bring any meat or dairy products with you. You can however bring a limited quantity of fruit and vegetables as well as eggs, egg products and honey. Restricted quantities of fish or fish products are also allowed.

What food items are prohibited to bring into UK?


  • bread, but not sandwiches filled with meat or dairy products.
  • cakes without fresh cream.
  • biscuits.
  • chocolate and confectionery, but not those made with a lot of unprocessed dairy ingredients.
  • pasta and noodles, but not if mixed or filled with meat or meat products.
  • packaged soup, stocks and flavourings.
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Is it illegal to import honey?

Imported honey is illegal but it is also coming in increasing amounts. Numerous reports have been made to the law enforcement agencies. Local honey must carry an apiary number and information on the apiarist”.

Can you take honey through customs?

As a general rule, condiments, vinegars, oils, packaged spices, honey, coffee and tea are admissible. Because rice can often harbor insects, it is best to avoid bringing it into the United States. Some imported foods are also subject to requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

How much honey is imported?

In 2017, imports of honey were three times the level of US production, with US production at about 150 million pounds and imports at 450 million pounds (Figure 1.10). Argentina has traditionally been an important source of US honey imports, providing over 20 percent of the US supply in 2012.