Can giant house spiders bite UK?

Do any British spiders bite?

All spiders have fangs but not all spiders have fangs that are able to pierce human skin. Consequently, there are relatively few UK species that are able to bite us in any meaningful way. According to the Natural History Museum, there are just 12 species of spider that have been known to bite people.

What happens if a house spider bites you?

Pain may be severe and may affect the entire injured area, which may become red and bruised and may itch. The rest of the body may itch as well. A blister forms, surrounded by a bruised area or by a more distinct red area that resembles a bull’s-eye.

Is giant house spider harmful?

Giant House Spider

Appearance: Typically dark orange, brown or beige. Does it bite? They do possess potent venom and can bite, but don’t usually pose a threat to humans.

What is the largest spider in the UK?

Cardinal spider

The cardinal spider is the largest spider in the UK. Otherwise known as Tegenaria parietina, some of these spiders have been recorded to have a leg span of 12cm.

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