Can a UK citizen buy a house in Poland?

Can foreigners get a mortgage in Poland?

Foreigners obtaining a mortgage must have a permanent employment contract in Poland. There are no investment mortgage available for companies registered abroad. However please note that each mortgage offer is made on a case by case basis, depending on the financial circumstances of the individual.

Who can buy real estate in Poland?

Citizens that are not members of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland must obtain a permit from the Minister of Interior and Administration to purchase any kind of property in Poland. One of the conditions of issuing the permit is that the foreigner proves his connection with Poland.

How much deposit do I need to buy a house in Poland?

Deposit. The maximum mortgage you can take out in Poland is 90% of the value of the property you want to purchase, which means you have to provide at least a 10% deposit. However, some banks will ask for a higher deposit. A 20% deposit gives you access to most banks and better rates.

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How can I buy property in Poland?

The general rule is that foreigners require a permit from the Minister of Internal Affairs to buy real estate. A permit is required in each case of real estate purchase, i.e. acquisition of ownership title or perpetual usufruct right to real estate on the basis of a legal transaction.

How long does it take to get a mortgage in Poland?

Your mortgage could be ready in 2-3 weeks, but this isn’t always possible. You may have a complicated situation which requires a lot of back and forth with the bank, or the bank you apply to has a long application process. A good reference point is about 4-6 weeks but at some banks it can take more time.

Can foreigners buy apartment in Poland?


The rule is that a foreigner purchasing a property in Poland must obtain a permit, which is issued by way of an administrative decision issued by the minister in charge of internal affairs. … In this case, a foreigner may freely acquire an independent apartment.

How expensive is a house in Poland?

Warsaw is still the most expensive place to buy property, with one square metre costing an average of 10,866 zloty (€2,400) in November. Poland’s capital is followed by Gdańsk (9,851 zloty), Kraków (9,168 zloty) and Wrocław (8,312 zloty).

Poland records second fastest house price increase in Europe.

Country % change in house price
Lux. 13.6
Poland 10.9
Austria 8.9
Slovakia 8.5

Can EU citizen buy property in Poland?

EU citizens can freely buy properties in Poland, except from agricultural land and forests. Non EU citizens (apartments) who have a visa or permission for long term stay in EU, or permission to live for definite period of time can buy apartments, but not houses.

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How can I finance a house in Poland?

Most providers loan up to 60-80% loan to value (LTV), and most affordability assessments stipulate that your outgoings must not exceed 35% of your income. However, full repayment mortgages are the only option in Poland; interest-only plans are only available for a home loan secured on a new build.

Is there property tax in Poland?

Sale of a real estate is subject to the VAT against a rate of 23%. However residential estates up to 150 m2 (flats) and 300 m2 (buildings) are taxed at a rate of 8%. Rental income is taxed at a rate of 23%.

How much is a downpayment on a house in Poland?

As a rule, in order to obtain a positive result of a loan, it is necessary to deposit at least 20-25% of the total value of the property. This condition is provided for by the current legislation of Poland and entered into force in 2017.

How can I get permanent residence in Poland?

Apply to be recognised as a Polish citizen

  1. has resided legally in Poland for a continuous period of at least 2 years on the basis of a permanent residence permit, an EU long-term residence permit or the right of permanent residence,
  2. has been married to a Polish citizen for at least 3 years or has no citizenship,